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Driving in the community offers advantages of mobility, convenience, freedom, and personal independence. However, it is also a complex skill requiring physical strength, coordination, quick reflexes and decisions, vision, hearing, and strong cognitive functioning. Driving Solutions of Tennessee is committed to helping drivers enjoy the benefit of driving while taking responsibility for staying safe on the roadway.

Meet Our Driver Rehabilitation Specialist 


Tara Harper, OTD, OTR/L, DRS, DRP

Tara is an occupational therapist specializing in driving evaluations and driving with adaptive equipment including left foot accelerators, hand controls, steering devices, and other low-tech adaptations. She obtained her doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Belmont University in May 2015. During her studies and fieldwork opportunities, she found driving rehabilitation to be an area of growth and opportunity for the Middle Tennessee area. She has since acquired the additional extensive training necessary in order to become a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.  She has also earned the Driver Rehabilitation Professional (DRP) micro-credential from the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.

Driving Solutions of Tennessee, LLC is community-based, which means Tara will come to your home or other specified location in your community to complete clinical assessments and to observe driving skills on both familiar and unfamiliar roadways.  She has an adapted vehicle modified with passenger-side gas and brake pedals that will be used during your evaluation and/or training for added safety.  After the clinical and behind-the-wheel assessments are completed, Tara will sit down to discuss the outcome and recommendations with you and your family. 

Tara is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association and the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.  She is nationally board certified through the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. 

Kind Words

"If a parent lives long enough, there will be a day when the question of when to take the keys away becomes a reality. Our moment of truth followed a minor car accident and a fall at home. Faced with these questions, I began internet research on availability of aids in making an informed decision about my mother’s driving competency. I found Tara Harper at Driving Solutions, LLC.  A lengthy phone call later, I knew we had found the right person for the job. Tara was clear her job was to perform an extensive evaluation of the driving skills of my mother. But foremost was the concept that no preconceived opinions based on age would be carried to the evaluation. It would be solely based on my mother’s health (medications, eyesight, hearing, reaction times, strength, mobility, flexibility, memory, alertness, etc.) followed by a driving test to evaluate her ability to safely drive a vehicle. I was thoroughly pleased with pre-driving tests which I observed and the report of the driving evaluation which I received verbally and written. Using Tara allowed for a professional evaluation of my mother’s skills. It allowed us to take our emotional responses out of the equation and allow my mother to succeed or fail based on her abilities. Regardless of the outcome, you can trust Tara to take the time and care to fully evaluate the competence of a driver. Tara is extremely kind and compassionate. She is also equally honest and forthcoming about the range of results of the testing. Tara did an excellent job and I would wholly recommend her services." - T.H.

(son of client)

"I met Tara in the summer of 2020 when I had my right hip replacement at Tri-Star Southern Hills Medical Center. She was my lead OT during my rehab after the surgery and we developed a unique patient/provider bond over our love for music. After Tara left Southern Hills and opened Driving Solutions of Tennessee, I contacted her about information on hand controls for my GMC Envoy. I have a prosthetic left foot and severe peripheral neuropathy in my right leg and foot. Although I wasn’t ready to make the transition, the information she gave me intrigued my curiosity (I think we all have a resistance to change in our lives). After breaking both the Fibula and Tibia in my right ankle in the summer of 2022 (requiring a plate and twelve screws), I decided it was time to take the jump to hand controls for my vehicle. I contacted Tara, and she had me set up for an evaluation and my first session in her training vehicle within a month. I was ecstatic after driving the training vehicle for the first time. I remember telling her as I was getting out of the car, I wish I had done this a long time ago. After additional driving training, she arranged for me to have the hand controls installed by MobilityWorks in Gallatin, TN on December 16th, and the rest is history, because I’m on the road again. Thank you, Tara, for believing in me and making this transition in my life at 70 years old so easy. You are the Best ever!"  - M. K. (client)

"The service that Tara Harper provided to me through Driving Solutions of Tennessee, LLC far exceeded my expectations. The fact that she was able to come to my home for the evaluation and then begin the driving test from there was a tremendous benefit to me. Her evaluation was comprehensive, thorough, detailed and very professional. Additionally, the notes she took of my driving time was a great approach to confirm my driving skills and ability which supported my passing the test. I can highly recommend her service should you find yourself in need of professional assistance to substantiate the safety and competence of your driving ability." - K.S. (client)

"Hopefully any and everyone who reads this will be wearing sunglasses or maybe even a welding hood due to how brilliantly Tara shines. Not only is she extremely professional and thorough in her driving instruction she is a 100% delightful individual to be associated with. Anyone who is in need of alternative driving methods due to mobility issues would definitely benefit from doing business with her."

          - Truthfully, D. S. (spouse of client)

"Tara, I would be remiss if I didn't compliment you for your professionalism.  After not driving for 3 months due to stroke, I was very nervous.  You came in and almost immediately put me at ease.  You were very thorough and fair. So thank you very much for a job well done!  -F.B. (client) 

"If this report eases my daughter's concerns, it will be worth every penny!  Thank you, Tara, for your welcoming and friendly attention which put me at ease immediately. - B. F. (client) 

"Tara Harper is an exceptional occupational therapist and driver rehabilitation specialist. I am thrilled to see her step out on her own so she can better serve the drivers of Tennessee. She has built a truly unique driving program focused on the driver! I love that she will come see the driver at his/her home and that she uses a combination of tests WITH DRIVING in a real vehicle to help her clients. Tara has a heart of gold! She is the best!" - Susan Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS (Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC)


Ms. Harper-

Thank you for the deep respect and kindness you showed to my elderly friend with Alzheimer’s during his testing. Although he did not get the result he was hoping for, he was calm, cool and happy after the testing, and even voiced that he had a good time.  This was a far cry from a previous test that he took.... You have a true gift for this work; your patience and compassion make all the difference.  - C.A. (caregiver of client)

"I would highly recommend using Driving Solutions! I called Tara Harper regarding concerns for my mother with cognitive decline. Tara was very helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. She returned my calls promptly and was helpful addressing my concerns. Her calm reassuring approach helped my mother relax and trust the process. She shared the results of the testing in a respectful, professional way which helped my mother accept her need to retire from driving. We had a great experience using Driving Solutions. Thank you Tara!" - B.C. (daughter of client)

"What a hard job you have.  Not in your abilities but in communicating the results.  Thank you again so much.  You were truly wonderful." - L.A. (spouse of client)

"Tara with Driving Solutions is a person interested in helping others. She spoke with kindness and patience and helped in every way to achieve a positive and timely outcome. My experience with her was pleasant, most definitely I would recommend her and express my thanks once again for a job well done." (client) 

"You have been a blessing, and I appreciate all you have done to help me." (client)

"Thanks for all your help.  You have made a huge difference in my life." (client)

"Thank you, Tara. None of us signed up for this, but we have to take what we are given and do the best we can. I think you are perfect for this job. Keep up the good work. I'm so thankful you were recommended to us. God Bless." (spouse of client) 

"Thank you, Tara. It was a needed evaluation. You have been an angel, and your evaluation was fair and unbiased, and that's all I asked for."  (son of client)


"Thank you for your kindness and care and professionalism." (family member of client) 


"I just want to send you a thank you and let you know you have been a real blessing to me.  Thank you for everything." (client) 

"Just want to thank you again for today.  You are very good at your job and made this process so easy with him. I think he is as ok with the decision {to retire from driving} as possible, and he is in good spirits after todays news.  Thank you again for everything." (family member of client) 

"Thank you again, Tara!  Your kindness, understanding, patience, professionalism, and empathy was so appreciated.  You've been amazing!" (daughter of client)

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